to frank: verb: \ˈfraŋk\
The act of collecting new hot friends from one's existing hot friends' lists in online social networking communities. Victims of a franking are usually females, while the perpetrators are usually males. Franking differs from stalking in that it is generally harmless and simply a passive aggressive way for guys to meet and collect cute girl friends online. Ladies, the best way to know if you are being franked is if you receive a friend request from someone you've never met and your only mutual friends are your own cute girlfriends. In some cases the franker may be an ex-thing of the mutual girlfriend, thus adding an element of creepiness/ballsiness especially if he then proceeds to ask the frankee out once friended. Important safety tips if you think you are being franked, always confirm with your mutual friend as to the level of sanity and intentions of the franker:
Hot girl #1: "Hey do you know this guy Bernie Whatshisface? I've never met him before in my life but he sent me a friend add and it says you're a mutual friend."
Hot girl #2: "Oh that's just my friend Bernie. He likes to go through my friend list and frank all my hot friends sometimes. He's harmless."

"Really?? Billy is totally franking all my cute friends again. So annoying."
by FYIYDLI August 24, 2012
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a male who is extremely charming in manner because of their gentleman behavior, also has good looks and thinks that women are better then men, has high pain tolerance and like it kinky.
"oh my good frank is here i love frank he is such a sweet guy."
by toasterstrudel July 10, 2008
Very good looking guy. He is Nice, Funny, Smart and the girls love him. Always honest and very fun to be around. Strong, The typical tall dark and handsome, and loves everything about girls.
Ashley: Wow look at him he is so nice and really hot.

Emily: Yeah that's Frank he is new in town let's go talk to him.
by anonimous4u April 10, 2009
Noun: A strong silent type. Equally enjoys getting outside for exercise such as Ultimate Frisbee or staying home and playing COD. Extremely good sense of humor.... once you get to know him and he talks to you! Usually is a fan of a football team NOT from where he is from. Loves his family and shows his feeling through actions not words. Enjoys humor such as Family Guy and can name most of the characters from Star Wars, always up for a zombie or sci fi movie. His faults are he can't stand ignorant people and sometimes people mistake his silence for anger. Loyal, caring and sensitive, this is the kind of guy a girl ends up marrying, she just has to get past the hard exterior.
A: Hey who's that cute guy?
B: Oh that's Frank.
A: Does he ever talk?
B: Haha yeah. He's really funny, but I think he said maybe four words to me the first couple times we met.
A: Oh hey that girl just went and kissed him. He's taken?
B: Yeah that's his girlfriend. She's so lucky. They'll probably get married, if he ever gets up the nerve to ask.
by MermaidNDisguise August 25, 2010
1.) The ability to consume immense amounts of alcohol in short periods of time, and still being able to remain upright under one's own power after doing such.
1.) Man, she really franked that bottle of vodka! I'm surprised she's still standing!!!
by ekzxekz January 13, 2007
a wiener. it comes with beans.
a man can't get along without his frank and beans.
by kelly vanderlaan January 19, 2004
A special guy that makes you feel butterflies in your heart when he looks in your eyes and makes your knees weak when he kisses you. One that makes you feel alive again.
That guy was a total Frank the way he made my heart skip a beat and my knees weak when he kissed me.
by dianeg February 02, 2010
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