the best at, hangman, politics, xbox 360. getting ladies to respond to "hotty wanna shake it?" in a positive manner. having the ability to answer any riddle correctly within minutes. having chuck norris in his fab 5. being in Chuck Norris' fab 5, #2 spot. (only chuck norris can be #1 in his own fab 5). At bball, similar to a mixture of Kobe, Shaq & LeBron. Can do an actual full backflip in secret if he wants to and no one would know. Can dance the funky chicken while eating a slice of pizza, a taco, and a plate of super nachoes while doing a keg stand at the same time. p.s. the keg would be filled with 10% ethonal fuel because Frank is also the utmost environmentalist.
Jarrod: Man, can i be Frank with you?
Jarrod's mom: sweety you can't be frank with anyone...i drank when i was pregnant with you....sorry but your screwed
jarrod's mom: dang it mom!


Kevin: Magic Genie...I would like to become Frank
Magic Genie:....
Kevin: Magic Genie?....I only used one wish so far...
Magic Genie:....i would rather stay in here a million more years than put in the amount of work it would take to turn your sorry butt into Frank....go home please, throw me back in the ocean
by Frank Way April 24, 2008
a male who is extremely charming in manner because of their gentleman behavior, also has good looks and thinks that women are better then men, has high pain tolerance and like it kinky.
"oh my good frank is here i love frank he is such a sweet guy."
by toasterstrudel July 10, 2008
honest, blunt
i'm not being mean, just frank.
by K April 25, 2003
Very good looking guy. He is Nice, Funny, Smart and the girls love him. Always honest and very fun to be around. Strong, The typical tall dark and handsome, and loves everything about girls.
Ashley: Wow look at him he is so nice and really hot.

Emily: Yeah that's Frank he is new in town let's go talk to him.
by anonimous4u April 10, 2009
1.) The ability to consume immense amounts of alcohol in short periods of time, and still being able to remain upright under one's own power after doing such.
1.) Man, she really franked that bottle of vodka! I'm surprised she's still standing!!!
by ekzxekz January 13, 2007
a wiener. it comes with beans.
a man can't get along without his frank and beans.
by kelly vanderlaan January 19, 2004
Noun: A strong silent type. Equally enjoys getting outside for exercise such as Ultimate Frisbee or staying home and playing COD. Extremely good sense of humor.... once you get to know him and he talks to you! Usually is a fan of a football team NOT from where he is from. Loves his family and shows his feeling through actions not words. Enjoys humor such as Family Guy and can name most of the characters from Star Wars, always up for a zombie or sci fi movie. His faults are he can't stand ignorant people and sometimes people mistake his silence for anger. Loyal, caring and sensitive, this is the kind of guy a girl ends up marrying, she just has to get past the hard exterior.
A: Hey who's that cute guy?
B: Oh that's Frank.
A: Does he ever talk?
B: Haha yeah. He's really funny, but I think he said maybe four words to me the first couple times we met.
A: Oh hey that girl just went and kissed him. He's taken?
B: Yeah that's his girlfriend. She's so lucky. They'll probably get married, if he ever gets up the nerve to ask.
by MermaidNDisguise August 25, 2010
A name for a old man who thinks he is still attractive to young women, usually wears speedos at the beach.
Young woman: "You need help with your bags sir?"
Old man: "No but I need help getting my cock up your ass"
Young woman: " Get away from me Frank!"
by Keyboi June 14, 2006

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