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Contraction of 'fucking rage'. When someone is having a full blown hissy fit about something.
Phoebe: What's wrong?
Jack: I'm in a frage!
by footyfairy June 06, 2011
2 4
a combination of the word 'Facebook' and 'Rage', Used when a person shows anger or frustration on facebook
Did you see Dave's angry comments on Facebook the other day? That was some mega frage!
by ckk17 October 18, 2011
1 4
The sudden irrational and often violent hatred of someone caused entirely by why they are eating
Cecil: bananas sure are delicious!
Bernard: I'll kill your family
Casual observer: that's a bad case of frage
by Woodstock69 June 01, 2009
3 7
A really annoying, ugly chick with a vagina that frequently queefs at quite unexpected moments.
Dude, your girlfriend is such a Frage.
by tehfrageman101 November 13, 2008
3 10