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Inconvenient or terrible situation
I was in a frag all Friday
by FormFaktor February 27, 2003
To release Gas, or passing wind from under. ie fart...
Aymen Kam fragged and the whole world died!!!
by chief in da house April 23, 2009
The Killing of another person in an online game, such as Bomberman Live,Halo,Call of Duty, pretty much any game Where you kill people.
Oh! Hell Yea! I just got 5 frags with 1 bomb! thats awsome!
by AnimeFreak1260 February 09, 2008
A non-censorable substitute for fuck used often in comics such as DC's Lobo as far back as 1983, RPGgames and in television shows such as the current sci-fi program Battlestar Galactica.
Dude, we are so fragged!
by suntostars September 17, 2005
How old people call killing people in games
Old guy: I was fragging
by The Groper September 15, 2006
To kill someone in a severe or cruel manner, a tactic used often by the comic book character Lobo.
One more word out of your mouth, and I'll frag ya to kingdom come.
by HurrikaneMatt June 23, 2004
A freak and a fag put together. A freakin fag. A frag.
That guy over there with the orange and blue sweat shorts and black wifebeater is such a frag!
by Mrs. Crumplebottom April 05, 2010
leftover or misplaced fragments of dried marijuana flakes
"Dude, there's frags under the grinder."
"Alabaster, stop dropping all of those frags!"
by therealbessy March 25, 2008