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Meaning 1-.To put emphasis on something, to make larger, to add to it, to make it better, that u need to add some spice,

Meaning 2- Cocaine
Meaning 1-Man this food is wack, you need to add some fraf to it. The stereo system is not banging as it should, u need more fraf
by Mateo Nosh May 31, 2011
It means ignoring someone and imply that they are talking complete jibberish.
Mike says, 'The new teacher is totally hot'.
John replies, 'FRAF! she can't even turn me on even if i was on fire!'
by TU PS September 10, 2008
A type of drug associated with cocaine.
1) "Did you see Jeff?" Ya he's on some fraf
2)"Bro you seem like you're on fraf"
by VitaBella November 08, 2013

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