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Meaning 1-.To put emphasis on something, to make larger, to add to it, to make it better, that u need to add some spice,

Meaning 2- Cocaine
Meaning 1-Man this food is wack, you need to add some fraf to it. The stereo system is not banging as it should, u need more fraf
by Mateo Nosh May 31, 2011
9 2
It means ignoring someone and imply that they are talking complete jibberish.
Mike says, 'The new teacher is totally hot'.
John replies, 'FRAF! she can't even turn me on even if i was on fire!'
by TU PS September 10, 2008
8 6
A type of drug associated with cocaine.
1) "Did you see Jeff?" Ya he's on some fraf
2)"Bro you seem like you're on fraf"
by VitaBella November 08, 2013
0 1