fr00b come from the internet game runescape. It was invented when one of the game moderators , Mod Mark, and the best player of the game , Zezima, were fooling around with ways to make fun of people, thus fr00b was born!
pmg die u h4x0r fr00b!
by gbuster4 October 07, 2004
Top Definition
Playing an online/mmo game without having to pay a monthly payment. fr(ee account n)oob

Originated: Anarchy Online; Veteran players of AO would complain that some members had free accounts that were supported by using "billboard ads" on their accounts
Look at that fr00b advertising <place company here> so he/she can play without pay.
by P O X August 02, 2006
In games with free and p2p systems in place, with the p2p players getting more features, the nonpayers are said to be "fr00bs," or "free noobs"
Dude, this game sucks now that all they let all these fr00bs in.
by Doomtrain March 26, 2005
1. a fruity n00b, otherwise known as a gay n00b.
"uhm like omg.. how do you like shoot them?"
"shut up you fr00b!!"
by kassner October 26, 2007
A fucking noob at a game. A noob but much worse.
omg that guy is suck a fr00b.
by zacker June 06, 2007
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