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1. The philosophy and lifestyle in which one exudes sexuality, intellect, and all that which is cool without any effort or one's own knowledge of said sexuality, intellect, and coolness whatsoever.
3. The utmost class of hotness in which only a select few is classified, losers need not apply.
2. The one named Fernando.
"ONLY I practice without practice the ideals of the ONLY truth in this, our universe... and that... is foxism."
by FernandoC February 02, 2005
Foxism is a radical movement dedicated to making the world a better place for foxes to live in. Its promulgators set out to tell the world how foxes really feel about topics from hunting to life on the streets in an edgy urban environment. They are particularly opposed to speculative property developments that destroy foxy habitats and to those hunt saboteurs who will stop at nothing to get hunting made legal so that they can go back to their old sabbing ways. There is a network local Foxist cells like the "Make Hoxton Foxton Campaign" which claims to be behind the torching of the Queen Vic pub featured in 'Eastenders', or "Make Toxteth Foxteth" with slogans like "bin the bins" and an elite cadre of jelly foxes.

The opposite of Foxism is Anti-Foxism. This is practised by (among others) the fox-hating freemasons of the BBC who only use foxes for walk-on parts in documentaries about wildlife presenters.
I don't want this discussion on Foxism to side-track into badgers.

that Foxism won't promote itsself you know.
#foxist #anti-foxism #foxy #foxholes #fox #jelly
by vince the fox December 03, 2010
Phrases, words, or sayings created by combining or corrupting several existing ones; most typically uttered by the one and only Charlie Fox.
That is a pleasable foxism.

"What's the straightest line, between two straight lines?" "A straight line!!"- Foxism
#charlie fox #foxism #fox #chapman #sailing #junior
by randomsailor November 23, 2008
A shear act of idiocy. Doing something that is so incredibly stupid that you have no other explanation for it, for it is beyond words. This act is typically so stupid that when people hear what they did their reaction is mixed with laughter from how stupid it was to rage since they have to fix the fuck-up.
Setting the webmaster password for several domain to webmaster is a foxism.

Another good example is our soon to be replaced "mail server"
#foxism #stupidity #retard #lame #idiot
by Lord_ParadoX March 14, 2007
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