70's term for an attractive lady. Was usually used by teens. Still used today, but rarely.
Damn, That girl is a FOX!!
by go20orange March 15, 2006
a tasty looking female
some of the ladies in our building are foxes, there arent many but there are a couple, no names mentioned ;)
by robert January 20, 2004
(VERB) To cancel or abort prematurely. Comes from the way the FOX television network has a habit of canceling fantastic shows before anyone realizes how good they are.

Examples of FOX'd shows: Futurama, Family Guy, Firefly.
Person 1: I really love that new show, Dollhouse.
Person 2: Me too! I sure hope it doesn't get FOX'd.
by simdave2000 October 04, 2009
Alongside Poggy, FOX is Antichrist #2. After cutting Firefly, FOX declared itself to Browncoats everywhere.
Alson known as "satan" and "the root of all evil"
FOX will take over all of the world and eat everyone
by DaSobo November 20, 2007
the most evil network.they cancel great shows like futurama and arrested development,yet renew crappy shows like mad tv and the oc.
me:fox is evil! idiot:what are you talking about they show the best show in the world! me:what is it? idiot:mad tv! me:you suck!
by futuramafan February 04, 2008
(archaic) Verb: intoxicate. Used in the 18th century and before
Blowzabella my bouncing doxie, come let's trudge it to Kirkham Fair
There's stout liquor enough to fox me, and young cullies to buy thy ware.

by Melisuavia September 17, 2007
Motox-Fox is a company that was started 1n 1974. Back then they made FOx Shox suspension and other engine parts for racers. However nowadays Fox is the central company for posers. So many people wear Fox clothing, most people just know it has something to do with motocross, some people just wear it cause it's cool. But the truth is, Fox use to make Fox Shox. Now Fox makes everything a poser could want, from shoes to backpacks.
kc,"Hey I see you are wearing a Fox Shirt, Do you ride?"

Poser,"What does that mean?"

kc,"Oh wouldn't cha know, you're a poser"

Poser,"Umm i don't know what your talking about so i'm gonna hop in my mall crawler and bone out."
by bill cosby master July 07, 2006

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