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1) A bag containing cows.
2) An extension of the term 'cow' used by girls to insults other, perhaps sluttier (or prettier) girls. A general term for insulting other females.
Maz: I saw Bella flirting with Rick the other day!
Flo: That cowbag! How dare she flirt with the boy!
by Maz+Flo September 01, 2005
v. As in 'to fox the system'. One foxes by finding a loophole in a system of a large company in order to gain something without paying or at a reduced cost.
Foxing the system can also be used to avoid an unwanted situation in the real world.
Maz: So, did you get that new ringtone for your phone?
Flo: Yeah, I foxed the system and managed to get it for free!
by Maz+Flo September 01, 2005
An affectionate term for your boyfriend. Used in the 'Belle De Jour' book, prior to implementation in real life.
Flo: How are you getting home to your gaff?
Maz: The Boy is picking me up at 7.
by Maz+Flo September 01, 2005

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