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Asian vagina
That girl has a soggy fortune cookie
by Katie Latter July 12, 2013
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An Asian girl who is pregnant and doesn't know who the father is. This is especially true in the event that the fathers could be of various ethnicities.
That little fortune cookie is about ready to pop. I wonder who's going to get the "fortune?"
by Floundertrap May 08, 2014
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A "fortune cookie" happens when a woman's panties get stuck between her vaginal lips. One must pick the "fortune cookie" out, for it is quite uncomfortable to leave it there. It is also described as a wedgie from the other side.
*Girl digging hand in her pants*
Boy - ehEM.. WHAT are you doing?
Girl - Sorry! I have a fortune cookie going on down there.
by onlytalENT November 21, 2013
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When you take a giant shit in the bathroom of a restaurant you have just eaten at.

At some restaurants, you never get them, while at others, you always do. Even when you do, you can never be 100% sure of the specific outcome.
Man, that was some intense hot pot! Alright, I'm gonna go check my fortune cookie, and then let's head to the bar.
by maverick_davidian October 19, 2013
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The wise words given through the means of a delicious snack. Fortune Cookies should not be taken lightly or mocked. Eat the cookie, taste the cookie, heed the cookie.
"Dank oo sirrr, here your Fortûne Cookîe!" (Fortune Cookie)
by J_money18 September 11, 2013
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Toilet paper that is stuck in your wife's ass-crack.
Last night I rolled my wife over for some booty time and saw she had a fortune cookie.
by Ppäläcio June 06, 2011
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My fortune cookie had the local animal shelter's phone number listed on it.....oh SHIT!!!
What future does your fortune cookie bring?
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