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An exclamation of truth, agreement, surprise, disgust, question, etc.

See also fo' shizzle my nizzle
, fa' sho', word, true dat, true dat dot com, dot com, truth, et al.
< dude1 > let's jet
< dude2 > forilla
by jdm February 11, 2003
6 1
For Real. Indeed. Most definetly. True that.
"That party was throwed dawg!!!!"

"Fo Rilla!!!"
by tahat dude March 24, 2008
13 2
the deepest most truest form of "fo real" in existance besides the additon of the snoop dogg inspired "izzils" and "izzos."
Craig:yo eddie dropped that fool so fast if you wanted to see it again you would need slow-mo to see it again
Ray Ray:forilla
by Low Clef April 14, 2004
17 6
for real, the absolute truth
you digg'n these cat on the mic?
>> forilla<<
by dj clunker March 11, 2003
10 1
Like saying "fo' real", but in a different way.
Are you fo' rilla? I ain't going to school: Fo' rilla?
by daniel September 20, 2004
7 2
Meaning For real <slang> for a person or a situation that is real
BE for real (forilla,) live for real (forilla)
"They found out I'm FORILLA" Hieroglyphics, Full Circle 2003
by Jonathan Riddell November 27, 2003
6 1
hip hop freestyle crew
The Forilla crew is performing tonight.
by caleb July 16, 2003
12 7