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A fake orgasm, usually brought about by a long period of indifferent pounding and a desperate desire to sleep/eat/clean/do something else.
Please watch the restaurant scene in When Harry Met Sally. Alternatively, link to my cam most weekends.
by w00fdawg August 07, 2005
35 6
making orgasmic sounds while eating delicious food
WTF, is someone having sex behind that bookcase?" "No, I saw her shoving cake in her mouth and moaning-- I think she's having a forgasm.
by Med Students Losing Our Minds April 27, 2011
8 3
Food + Orgasm = Forgasm.
Skillet potatoes, french toast and over easy eggs, omggg. Just had a forgasm.
by Mahlmann December 30, 2011
5 2
when you get pins and needles in your foot and it feels as though your foot is having an orgasm. therefore, a foot orgasm..forgasm.
"aaahhh i'm having a forgasm!"
"stretch your leg so the blood circulation can work again then"
by _BBYCKZ July 05, 2009
4 1
food that gives you an orgasm in your mouth
omg this apple pie is giving me such a forgasm
by alls_5463 December 21, 2009
3 2
The act of farting during an orgasm.
Ewww. Did you just forgasm?
by Doch February 08, 2009
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When the weather forecast calls for beautiful sunny weather after a long, depressing cold spell.
The Forgasm today is sunny with a high of 28 degrees Celsius with a gentle breeze from the west.
by _yaNIck_ April 15, 2010
1 2