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An unfortunate person who is forced to deal with large groups of loud, crazy, idiots.
Because she has students who write definitions of her name on urbandictionary.com, Kelly is a forbush.
by Mooseburger May 27, 2003
12 5
to find pleasure through torturing minors
she whipped me wiht a belt, but she liked it cuz she was forbushing
by jaichael May 25, 2003
4 1
To take a man by the name of Prescott to the movies to stalk your students when they finally have free time away from you.
Today, I completly forbushed at Towson Commons and even changed which movie I was seeing so I could stalk and torture my three students who were seeing The Italian Job
by I STALK PEOPLE May 31, 2003
8 6
A person who can not tell the difference between Platypi and ducks.
She thinks her keychain is a duck because she is a total forbush.
by guess. May 27, 2003
4 2
to spell exercise wrong
by lixfoz May 30, 2003
2 1
To give enough work that students actually learn something.
She forbushed by giveng two essays in a semester.
by Anonymous May 28, 2003
3 2
to try to do well in a class and fail horribly
i worked so fuckin hard but i just got forbushed
by Anonymous May 23, 2003
4 3