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Adjective used to describe anything that is just a little to frilly, fancy, or "upper crust". Things that are foofoo might also be a bit on the delicate side, or too elegant by half, or even offensively fruity. Spoiled little lap-dogs, $1000 designer handbags, and pink capri pants worn by men all qualify as foofoo. Volleyball, a lightweight game - not a "sport" - played by athletic girls and openly gay men, does not qualify as foofoo.
"I just saw Mrs. Vanderbilt buying a Gucci sweater for her poodle. The whole scene was so foofoo."
by Corralejo99000 May 28, 2013
138 10
When you look or feel frilly, Prissy, made up, High maintenance, overdone etc..

Others can look foo foo to you also.
This pink outfit makes me feel so foo foo!
Getting your nails done is so foo foo.
by jen32nj August 17, 2005
164 85
adj. a word used to characterize something that is fancy, frilly, excessive, generally above and beyond the norm; overdone; girly; gay
Sheila: God, I LOVE Peppermint Mochas! They're my favorite coffee!
Mary: That's not coffee, hun. Black coffee and Americanos are coffee - you drink foofoo coffee.

Sascha: What are you ordering? I'm going to get a Cosmopolitan.
Mark: A Cosmopolitan? That's such a foofoo drink! Why not just get a Jack & Coke?
by dieHeilige December 04, 2007
80 52
a name for a lady's private parts
wow you should take a look at her foo foo,


is your foo foo still working or what?
by soozy December 22, 2005
135 117
An adjective describing something that is very pretty or cute but has no real utilitarian value. Something that is nice to look at but serves no other purpose.
My mom keeps buying me these foo foo ceramic statues to put on my dresser. I really wish she would stop wasting her money on them.
by Mildred Kerplucknickshuck April 11, 2008
64 56
Adj, Overly, cloyingly feminine or effeminate.
Noun, Offencive fragrance products (perfume, Colongue, ect..),sometimes of low quality, used in such quantity (often by someone who has not bathed) that it is overpowering.
Adj: I know he thinks he is dressed all GQ, but those clothes are just foofoo.

Noun:Walking from the back of the bus to the exit I walked through a cloud of foofoo that left me tasting it long after the bus had gone.
by John Sheffield November 07, 2003
62 56
1. a nicer amusing synonym used in place of the word "fuck". Also spelled as "fu-fu". Also see the Italian use of the word "fig".

2. an adjective meaning "strange", "weird" or "crazy".
1. In college I bought a T-shirt from the student Islamic association that protested the ethnic cleansing going on in Bosnia. I wore it at a bash and a guy I thought was my friend and his wife asked why I was wearing that shirt because the genocide victims "weren't Christian". I replied that the first Holocaust took the lives of 6 million Jews (also not Christians) and in addition 5 million people of OTHER categories also were killed. I told them that I don't give a flying foo-foo who the Yugoslavia victims are. I said I don't care if it's Buddhists being exterminated. I don't care if atheists are being slaughtered. I said when a category of people are being raped, forcibly driven out, and penned up in death camps to be offed then the "Christian thing to do" is to raise awareness, protest it and stop it. If we just stand and stare then the next victims could be US.
They just looked at me with a stare like 2 cows watching a passing train.

2. Mojo Nixon, along with Skip Roper sang "I Don't Want No Foo-Foo Haircut on My Head".
by New World Man March 16, 2009
11 11