fon; freak of Nature; person whom is considered a freak by the freakiest of freaks
whats up with that dude? dont worry he's just a fon
by fon September 06, 2003
Top Definition
Someone who is amazing, fun to talk to, a smooth talker, smart, sexy, attractive, has good hair, can be a player, flirts too much, and can make any girl fall for him. When he's drunk he's hysterical and wild.
The Belgian sweetheart is who we call Fons.
by sawsi January 26, 2011
FON Stands for Freak Of Nature. Usually used to describe a fool that laughs by themselves in the corner.
'Hahahahaha... Bananas ...hahaha'

'Oh my god, Ben is SUCH a FON, laughing in the corner about bananas!'
by BaseOfTheData July 02, 2007
Clever, smarter, good person, a person who's called Fon will be a great friend.
Also is a name who inspires confidence and Pokemon/Kingdom Hearts adiction.
Oh, Fon, stop talking about Pokemon.
by Annonnimous May 13, 2013
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