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Means to be Facebook sober. Someone who has recently deleted their Facebook account and/or friends.
I am now Fober for 3 weeks. I deleted my facebook account.
by hookedonit July 14, 2011
Freak of Nature
Tim is such a fon sometimes!
by hookedonit January 18, 2011
The casually gloss over something or someone.

1. to gloss over an article or document.
2. to gloss over while in a meeting, or during a discussion or viewing event.

Related Forms:
- glossinator
- glosser
"He's such a glossinate. He didn't even read the very important email. His response proved that true!". "Yeah he's loopless once again".
by hookedonit March 25, 2011
That of which is the topic, or situation, is cool. Also, to mean acceptance of the information or situation at hand.
Hey Scott, we are going to the beach today. Scott replies: Cooldat, I'll join ya.
by hookedonit March 08, 2011
Sweet as Cake
Paul said: "I figured out the problem, and committed the code to svn". Scott replied: "sac..."
by hookedonit April 15, 2011

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