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A word to describe a fake boner caused by an unfortunate crease of the pants.
I glanced over at Peter and it seemed as though he had a boner, Peter yelped: "Naaaaa son, it's just a foner!"
by Ben the Shastifier May 09, 2005
The female version of a boner. Often when a female gets sexually aroused, excited, etc. Her vagina will experience a pulsing, throbbing sensation. This may last for one moment or a few hours, depending on the subject's arousal.
Francheska- "He took of his shirt and jumped into the pool and when I saw his tattoo I totally got a foner."
by MissKittysAdventures September 06, 2010
A foner is the unexpected erection when one is encountered with or thinks about some kind of delicious food. Foner literally translates to Food Boner.
"Mmm, what y'all cookin up? This smell's giving me a serious foner!"

"Don't mention GBK, the thought will give a foner"
by Elenashitgurl February 02, 2014
Occurs mainly in women's jeans when the zipper curls up near the crotch line in a way in which one appears as if they have a boner.
Gertrude sat down in her chair.
"You have a boner?" Her friend whispered to her.
"No!" Gertrude cried, before hushing to a whisper, "A foner."
by Bibbety Blue November 05, 2011
The word to describe a boner you get when your mom explains the feast she will be preparing for thanksgiving.

A food boner.
Mom- "Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with roasted marshmallows, honey ham, spaghetti and meatballs...."

You- "Mom! Stop your giving me a foner!"
by Abort November 26, 2008
When someone has a boner for their cell phone. ie: they are obsessed with it, love it, can't stop raving about it, etc.
Alex has a real foner for his new Samsung Galaxy NoteII. He won't shut up about it.
by LBsee March 19, 2013
A FO boner. FO meaning fake or partial, boner meaning erection.
Guy in class: God damn foner! When will it stop??
by DEEEEEEJJJ November 16, 2008
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