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to feel up or play with a member of the opposite sex
Josh got to fondoogle Jamie during the football game
by thepuertorican September 05, 2005
fondoogle, fondoogler, fondoogled, fondoogling

(v.) fon-doo-gull;

To sit in a bathtub full of water, fart and then continue to bite the bubbles.

(n.) fon-doo-gler;
A person who sits in a bathtub full of water, farts and then continues to bite the bubbles.
Hey Raymond, I have a hotub want to fondoogle later?
by Justin,Heath, Raymond July 16, 2011
To grope or caress another person,of eather opposite or same-sex, in sexual manner.
Jack fondoogled Caitlin in the shower.
There shall be no fondoogling of any kind during the movie.
by Captain09 November 03, 2006

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