Fuck Off; generally used when a lesser being (nerd) questions your authority over them
loser: hey that's my jelly doughnut
cool person: FOFF
by mikemuzzin June 25, 2007
1 To "foff" is to make a physical fuss of something furry, such as a cat. Can also be used in context to your partner or lover. 2 Foffly: Describes something that you would like to foff. 3 Foffle: Affectionate term for a partner or lover.
1 As in, "I gave the cat a good foffling," or "I need a good foff." 2 As in, "Your dog is really foffly!" 3 As in, "Hey foffle! come and give me a good foffing!"
by Dave Bonner February 02, 2007
A..."school appropriate"....alternative to the word fuck.
I can't believe you foffing broke my girbils leg! You dumb foff! You can just Foff off!
by SLIPKNOT RULZ June 20, 2006
This is what Stephy says to me when I correct her spelling or vocabulary. Like who can't say vocabulary anyway! Abbreviation for fuck off.
Stephy: I am...truelly...
Raffy: You're spelling is horrable! LOL
Stephy: foff Raffy! LOL
by Raffy August 18, 2004
1- Your funny
2- Foff
by King Bunghole October 03, 2003
first officer
F. Off. Kennedy
by Starkeisha October 25, 2003
term used by those that embrace abbreviations wholly
"come to the can machine with me?"
by cheriẹ July 05, 2005

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