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Fell Off Chair Laughing

Used to express hysterical laughter via chat. Used when something is funnier that rofl, lmao or lol. Invented in the Glider vent channel by a guy called Leechy in the small hours of the morning.
Person 1 - "...so I said 'What are you still doing here? I thought I told you to go fuck your mother'"

Person 2 - "ROFL, that's too funny"
Person 1 - "Kami scream 'you cannot be serious' please"


Person 1 - "I actually just FOCLed there"
by ?!13?"!3?!"321 January 16, 2008
20 7
(fall off chair laughing) the newest and gayest laughing slang. Exacly like lol or lmao ... just for something funnier ...
insane-bitch says: i'm as straight as a circle!!
dumbass says: focl
by insane-bitch December 15, 2003
36 24
Fuck Off Character Limit.
What do you mean I have to type something here...FOCL!
by Lorall June 21, 2009
4 1
Fuck Our Collective Lives
Joey: DUDE. I just mashed my thumb with the friggin hammer.

Aaron: last night, my girlfriend was blowin' me and decided to use her teeth.

Johnny: Oh shit. Apparently my lady is also my cousin...

Joey: F. O. C. L.

Johhny: Pretty much.
by Add pseudonym here July 25, 2009
2 0
Falling (Fell) Off the (my) Chair Laughing.

Similar to Rofl except this is more "realistic" in the sense that one reads text/watches a video and presumably falls off his/her chair laughing, or potentially in a seizure.
Person 1: "Yo, I saw this really funny video yesterday and I FOCL'ed."
Person 2: "It will NEVER CATCH ON!"
Person 1: :,(

"If one literally rofl's that person is either: dramatic or having an seizure. This is why Focl was invented. Focl DOES NOT defy gravity."
by Brian J. (sorta: Onikura/JQ) December 09, 2008
1 3