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Fell Off Chair Laughing

Used to express hysterical laughter via chat. Used when something is funnier that rofl, lmao or lol. Invented in the Glider vent channel by a guy called Leechy in the small hours of the morning.
Person 1 - " I said 'What are you still doing here? I thought I told you to go fuck your mother'"

Person 2 - "ROFL, that's too funny"
Person 1 - "Kami scream 'you cannot be serious' please"


Person 1 - "I actually just FOCLed there"
by ?!13?"!3?!"321 January 16, 2008
(fall off chair laughing) the newest and gayest laughing slang. Exacly like lol or lmao ... just for something funnier ...
insane-bitch says: i'm as straight as a circle!!
dumbass says: focl
by insane-bitch December 15, 2003
Fuck Our Collective Lives
Joey: DUDE. I just mashed my thumb with the friggin hammer.

Aaron: last night, my girlfriend was blowin' me and decided to use her teeth.

Johnny: Oh shit. Apparently my lady is also my cousin...

Joey: F. O. C. L.

Johhny: Pretty much.
by Add pseudonym here July 25, 2009
Fuck Off Character Limit.
What do you mean I have to type something here...FOCL!
by Lorall June 21, 2009
Falling (Fell) Off the (my) Chair Laughing.

Similar to Rofl except this is more "realistic" in the sense that one reads text/watches a video and presumably falls off his/her chair laughing, or potentially in a seizure.
Person 1: "Yo, I saw this really funny video yesterday and I FOCL'ed."
Person 2: "It will NEVER CATCH ON!"
Person 1: :,(

"If one literally rofl's that person is either: dramatic or having an seizure. This is why Focl was invented. Focl DOES NOT defy gravity."
by Brian J. (sorta: Onikura/JQ) December 09, 2008

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