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Shinto spirits in nature.
Kami are any of the sacred beings worshiped in Shintoism, conceived as spirits abiding in natural phenomena and sometimes in people with extraordinary qualities.
by Japanese_Culture July 24, 2011
The Japanese word for a god or deity as well as paper. If used in the context of god, "Kami" refers to any god, while "Kami-sama" refers to "the" god.
Kami no Kami (The paper god / the godly paper)
by 1337-speak October 01, 2004
The most beautiful girl in the universe.
" i love Kami so very much "
by Dr. Drew March 23, 2005
A recently deceased drummer of Malice Mizer. Known for his long hair, feminine face, and purfume collection. He died June 21, 1999 from a Cerebral blockage. Was never really replaced in the band, and if he was, the new drummer was never recognized as a true member.
"Kami was the best drummer Malice Mizer ever had."
by Kasumi June 30, 2004
The Japanese word for a god or deity.
Oh Kami...
by Mongoose Dog Kami October 05, 2003
A girl that is tha funniest damn person u will ever meet ! and is perverted haha! but...its cool and she can be a btich when she wants to. And THINKS! that she is fat but....shes NOT!! And has tha prettiest eyes and hair u have ever seen ! (brown hair) (green eyes)
She is Fine !!!! lol
by nun ya ! January 11, 2004
A very beautiful girl with a great body and the person i love with all my heart a person you cant help but fall in love with!!!
my true love
by Brad Middleton January 24, 2004