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Shinto spirits in nature.
Kami are any of the sacred beings worshiped in Shintoism, conceived as spirits abiding in natural phenomena and sometimes in people with extraordinary qualities.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ July 24, 2011
The Japanese word for a god or deity as well as paper. If used in the context of god, "Kami" refers to any god, while "Kami-sama" refers to "the" god.
Kami no Kami (The paper god / the godly paper)
by 1337-speak October 01, 2004
A girl that is tha funniest damn person u will ever meet ! and is perverted haha! but...its cool and she can be a btich when she wants to. And THINKS! that she is fat but....shes NOT!! And has tha prettiest eyes and hair u have ever seen ! (brown hair) (green eyes)
She is Fine !!!! lol
by nun ya ! January 11, 2004
A recently deceased drummer of Malice Mizer. Known for his long hair, feminine face, and purfume collection. He died June 21, 1999 from a Cerebral blockage. Was never really replaced in the band, and if he was, the new drummer was never recognized as a true member.
"Kami was the best drummer Malice Mizer ever had."
by Kasumi June 30, 2004
A very beautiful girl with a great body and the person i love with all my heart a person you cant help but fall in love with!!!
my true love
by Brad Middleton January 24, 2004
crazies friend you'll ever have, lovable, huggangle, ZETA BABY, trendy, beautful, and very friendly and outgoing. The best friend you could ever have. Often mistakes the word kiwi with pee-wee.
That girl is so outgoing she is a kami.
by ms. raych August 24, 2008
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