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3 definitions by echomyst

male ejaculation. cum.
I love the taste of your mangoo!
by echomyst March 14, 2004
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echomyst is a well-travelled citizen of the world wide web. She can be found on a huge variety of forums, online communities, etc.
echomyst's online presence is everywhere!
by echomyst March 14, 2004
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the snobby, nonchalant attitudes of certain groups of "Fresh Off Boat" ( fob ) people (new immigrants, usually from Asian countries). These newcomers to a country stick to their own cultural groups and usually stick their noses up at the cultures of their adopted country.
He is so fobby because he only hangs out with people from his own cultural group and do not attempt to learn the cultures of his adopted country.
by echomyst February 06, 2005
34 92