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the act in which a woman gives a blow job, is penetrated vaginally and gives two handjobs while on her back so as to resemble a flying eagle
mate she took a cock in her mouth, a cock up the pussy, and one in each hand, bitch was a flying eagle
#blowjobs #handjobs #oral #sex #penetration #vaginal
by claudio 6969 September 11, 2006
having sexual intercourse in a treehouse then proceeding to throw the other person out of the treehouse killing them
Erica- "Let's fuck in the treehouse"
Martin- "Aight, but if you bite muh cockasaurus again ima flying eagle you bitch"

Erica- "OMG muh nigga gave me thuh flying eagle last night ima ghost right now"
Christi- "Ho me too, my man gave me thuh water monster"
#sex #treehouse #water monster #watermonster #racecardriver #red light #redlight #bitch #pool
by iambartinmoyles November 14, 2009
when a woman is naked laying on her back with at least 4 pillows under her ass. a man is at least 5 feet away from the woman. the woman spreads open her vagina, and licks it. the man runs (with a boner) and jumps on top of the woman, jamming his boner far into the vagina, giving pain, but sexual pleasure to the MAX
it was amazing when he gave me a flying eagle at work.
#donut lick #spread eagle #blow job #pussy lick #cock suck
by vaginapussylicker July 15, 2008
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