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when a woman is naked laying on her back with at least 4 pillows under her ass. a man is at least 5 feet away from the woman. the woman spreads open her vagina, and licks it. the man runs (with a boner) and jumps on top of the woman, jamming his boner far into the vagina, giving pain, but sexual pleasure to the MAX
it was amazing when he gave me a flying eagle at work.
by vaginapussylicker July 15, 2008
while giving a blowjob, put a donut around the penis and eat it. lick the remains away. it will cause a boner. then keep giving the blowjob with the donut in the mouth. the man will ejacutlate. then, transfer the donut to the mans mouth and have the woman lay on her back. squeeze her tits together and spit the donut inside. then stick the boner in between the tits and move it around. then finger the woman and then have vaginal intercourse
dude! she totally donut licked me last night!
by vaginapussylicker July 15, 2008
the woman gives a blow job, then stands up facing the man. shes presses up against him with (if big enough tits), her nipples in his mouth. she reaches down and grabs his penis(like a hand job) and wedges it into her vagina. she moves it around and when it is securely inside, she grabs his ass and pulls him in closer to her. hopefully they are touching bodies so the penis is fully inside her vagina.
i totally manhandled him yesterday.
by vaginapussylicker July 15, 2008

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