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When a girl gets you so frustrated you need to masturbate.
Man, that girl Virgo got me so flusterbated.
by ios37 October 14, 2011
9 1
Flusterbation is when one is walked in on (particularly by authority figures such as one's parents) during the act of masturbation.
"I wanted to jack off but my dad was in the other room, and I was afraid of flusterbating."

"Yeah, it would suck to flusterbate."
by XGR September 29, 2007
9 3
To become so infuriated and discontent that a person all of a sudden blows their load
I had to flusterbate because i was so angry at that girl who kicked my frisbee but at the same time she was pretty
by Jwynn July 05, 2009
5 0
Upsetting oneself greatly, especially while performing a task by oneself that one took it upon themself to do.
"Dude, whenever I try to actually accomplish anything around the house I start messing things up and FLUSTERBATE myself..."
by Locke Kole November 05, 2009
1 0
To hatefuck yourself - the more painful the better - instead of lube use salt or chalk
Tyrone Biggins flusterbates 6-10 times a day.
by Rick James May 05, 2004
7 7