A mixture of semen (cum) and flem often experienced during the process of oral sex.
Jenny ceased pleasuring her man as she choked on flum.
by Joseph Spurling April 20, 2006
Top Definition
Marijuana of poor quality or a horrible marijuana dealer.
"All I got is this flum weed"

"I think this weed guy is another flum"

"This flummy weed smells like moth balls"

"I'm supposed to meet the weed man at 5pm but hes a flum so its likely to be 9pm"
"I cant beleive I paid $300 for this flum weed"
"I'll smoke some weed but I dont want any of that flum shit"
by thinkdim November 13, 2009
Can be applied to almost anything, as long as it has a slightly derogatory tone. Not meant to offend anyone.
Get the flum out of here!

He just got flummed on!
by Nitro Burns October 18, 2007
A derrogatory term, not too vulgar, not too mild.
John is a flum for not giving me that 5 bucks he owes me.
by Trent February 19, 2004
Another definition of cool.
That shirt is fucking flum.
by Christopher Mcjune September 29, 2006
The female cum, or mixture of male semen and female sexual fluids.
"dude, that girls flum smelt nasty." "I ate that chicks pussy out and her flum got all over my mouth!"
by Dean Pleasant October 27, 2006
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