When a guy masterbates and/or arouses himself so he can look more impressive.
"Nah, when he's in the locker room he fluffs himself before he goes into the showers."

"I caught him fluffing himself in the sauna."
by Higg December 11, 2006
The southern way of saying swag
Y'all looking fluff today.
by abc12390764 February 07, 2011
a non-offensive alternative to fuck. See also feck
Guy: Let me see you naked.
Girl: Fluff you!
by danii1 February 20, 2008
Fluff: High grade marijuana that has been well-cured and its' leaves are covered in THC crystals making it light and fluffy.
stoner: "hey man, you got that fluff?"
dealer: "hell yea, i got that fire, man."
by e...c...s.t.o.n.e.r.... December 02, 2007
a gay person
"that guy is such a fluff!"
by thegirlthatclaimedfluff September 11, 2012
when girls release tinny particles of poop and smells, too small to be seen or smelt, from their pores. thus removing the need to poop or fart.
girls do not poop they fluff
by Mel_Dizzy November 12, 2011
A name someone acting gay,stupid,or retarded...so take your pick.Never used for actual gay people.
"So wait,Armstrong went to the Moon?"-Caleb
"Wow,you are a freakin' fluff"-Jay
"A wat?"-Caleb
"Shut up fluff."-Jay

"So wat happens if I click on the big red X in the corner of the screen?"-Caleb
"Dude,don't be a fluff.Just don't."-Jay
by JKira November 09, 2011

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