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A F.L.U.F.F. is a Fat Lady yoU Fuck Frequently
"Dude, shes is now your F.L.U.F.F."
-"What the hell"
"Your fat lady you fuck frequently"
-"Damn right"
by PimpDaddy LongNutz December 03, 2010
stands for Fuckable, Lovable, Understanding, Friend, Forever...usually refers to 2 fuck buddies
I was hanging out with my FLUFF Ann last night and now I'm tired as hell.
by Johnny tats February 22, 2008
When a fart slips up the vagina and exits via the lips making a sound. Most common when in the tub or while sitting. Adjustment may help the fart from exiting.

Therefore, only females can fluff. Not JUST another name for farting.

Not a quiff (Vag fart)
Lying in a tub full of water, you fart and then the air comes up the front instead, sliding along = fluff
by jjbs February 03, 2013
Safe for work/ school term to replace the word "fuck" in a sentence.
1.) I got an F on my grade card in English, Fluff...

2.) I fluffed this girl last night and she was fluffing good at what she does.
by DJ-Slow-N-Throw December 11, 2010
The act of Keeping a leaf from a Game or Dutch Blunt Moist and ready to roll.
"Yo fluff this shit."
by SmokeMaddBlunts April 21, 2009
A type of marshmallow cream that people in New England eat. Commonly eaten with peanut butter on a sandwich as an alternative to jellies and jams or honey. Kids get a sugar rush on it and often end up driving their parents bonkers afterward and getting in trouble in school. Doesn't have to be refrigerated.
Junior, you want peanut butter and fluff for dinner, or mac 'n' cheese, or clam chowda?
by TexanlostinNewEngland April 10, 2009
to jazz up, make pretty, clean up, help to blossom
Barbra was a greasy teenager, but after she was fluffed, she was a model.
by DonaldSt February 15, 2008