A F.L.U.F.F. is a Fat Lady yoU Fuck Frequently
"Dude, shes is now your F.L.U.F.F."
-"What the hell"
"Your fat lady you fuck frequently"
-"Damn right"
by PimpDaddy LongNutz December 03, 2010
to jazz up, make pretty, clean up, help to blossom
Barbra was a greasy teenager, but after she was fluffed, she was a model.
by DonaldSt February 15, 2008
A word with a wide variety of meanings. It can be a noun, verb, or and adjective. It could be an insult or a compliment. It could mean cool, retarded, slow, smart, or anything else. To use the word fluff, you have to have a good imagination.
1) You're such a fluff. Shut up!
2) Wow, that' so fluff!
4) What the fluff?
by Kara. March 22, 2007
A reference to background of a certain character or race in a war/rpg game, usually Warhammer 40k.
That's not very fluff-like of him.
by Spinal February 24, 2005
An industry term for the Boeing 737 airliner. The first 737's produced seemed proportionally too wide compared to other jets of the day, and were christened Fluffs by flight and ground crews. It stands for Fat Little Ugly Fuckers, but has become an endearing term for the most popular jetliner in the world.
I flew in a brand-new Fluff from Houston to Denver, it was sweet! I think it was a 900. Then I got on a worn-out Scarebus from Denver to SFO.
by uku4u March 01, 2014
When a fart slips up the vagina and exits via the lips making a sound. Most common when in the tub or while sitting. Adjustment may help the fart from exiting.

Therefore, only females can fluff. Not JUST another name for farting.

Not a quiff (Vag fart)
Lying in a tub full of water, you fart and then the air comes up the front instead, sliding along = fluff
by jjbs February 03, 2013
when girls release tinny particles of poop and smells, too small to be seen or smelt, from their pores. thus removing the need to poop or fart.
girls do not poop they fluff
by Mel_Dizzy November 12, 2011

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