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18 definitions by LJ

What a pimp does to his ho when she gets out of line.
Ho, I should pimpslap you for what you done!
by lj March 13, 2003
158 109
when the female of the species has an erection, stimulated, aroused.
wow my wife sure gets a clit on when george clooney's on the t.v. or wow man i've got such a clit on, i must JILL OFF NOW!
by lj August 20, 2003
23 9
something that's not right, strange, ass backwards, crooked.
wow i really think that tree's cadiwampus dude.... either that or you are.
by lj August 20, 2003
21 9
one who has their "shit" together. something that's working perfectly or is very well done.
man she's tight! or... that's one tight peice of work, well done.
by lj August 20, 2003
15 6
Also known as the Field of Goodness or Field. Town located in the hottest spot of Northern VA. Anyone originating, living or residing here may consider themselves one of the few, the proud, the fielders.
"yo dawg, you peeped those fly ass bitches, elge or mcslutskey up in 22152?"
"shit son, you mean those hot pieces of ass from swingfield?"
"shizzle, bizzle, nizzle; TRUE! God Bless that Swingfield!"
by LJ July 02, 2003
3 0
something or someone that's confused, weary, worn out or an idiot
this contract has me confukled... i can't read this crap, what does that mean that filing for bankruptcy in paragraph 4 i must work as an elvis impersonator???! or "yeah he's really confukled, wish he'd stop drinking and go away!"
by lj August 20, 2003
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Girl who suffers from bad long long periods.
'im on my period'
"oh my god ur such a fucking period girl"
by LJ April 16, 2005
29 33