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Fuck, used in expressions
"What the fluff is going on in here?"
by Jeff Creen September 09, 2003
A name someone acting gay,stupid,or retarded...so take your pick.Never used for actual gay people.
"So wait,Armstrong went to the Moon?"-Caleb
"Wow,you are a freakin' fluff"-Jay
"A wat?"-Caleb
"Shut up fluff."-Jay

"So wat happens if I click on the big red X in the corner of the screen?"-Caleb
"Dude,don't be a fluff.Just don't."-Jay
by JKira November 09, 2011
To suggest that a by passing female/hoe/wench/bitch/slut/girl is fit/hot/sexy/tasty/top knotch ;)
Fwoahh, decent bit of fluff there!!
by WolfLAD July 13, 2011
Fluff is this stuff u spread on bread that is made out of marsh mellows
I got hungery so I made a peanut butter and fluff sandwich.
by azbycxdwevfugthsirjqkplomn June 28, 2009
To Queef
After we did it from behind she fluffed
by nfaith March 27, 2009
n. A female decoy used to distract a pickpocket's mark.
As the fluff sapped the mark, the wire reefed his leather.
by England phi beta gamma March 07, 2008
A name for a certain grade of methamphetamine. Usually lithium is used in the cooking process. It is a very fine powder and very fluffy, hence the term fluff.
Herbert smoked so much fluff he thought the cops were coming and he jumped off of a three story window.
by Twackhat January 23, 2008
When a guy masterbates and/or arouses himself so he can look more impressive.
"Nah, when he's in the locker room he fluffs himself before he goes into the showers."

"I caught him fluffing himself in the sauna."
by Higg December 11, 2006