Fuck, used in expressions
"What the fluff is going on in here?"
by Jeff Creen September 09, 2003
A fluff is called a lady fart.
opps i just fluffed...
by LaLa dewitt March 19, 2008
a safe alternative to the F word to be used around children, authority figures, and grandparents.
man, fluff this crap. i've completely had it....

that was so fluffed up!

i can't fluffing believe it!
by boaty26 January 13, 2010
Another word for "Unnecessary bullshit". In general, describing something that is pointless or has no real reason for its existence. Is often pronounced "flaff".
Oi, We'll have none of that fluff!
by r700a February 07, 2015
to beat or smack someone into next week. usually the term for an insanely hard punch, or beating someone up with ridiculous amounts of force. to hit someone so hard you knock their brains around their head similar to "fluffing" pancakes.
"Keep talkin that shit about my momma and imma fluff the shit outta you sonn "
"Girl you better bring them grades up or im gonna fluff your pancakes, say I wont"
by m1dn1ghtday February 28, 2015
An industry term for the Boeing 737 airliner. The first 737's produced seemed proportionally too wide compared to other jets of the day, and were christened Fluffs by flight and ground crews. It stands for Fat Little Ugly Fuckers, but has become an endearing term for the most popular jetliner in the world.
I flew in a brand-new Fluff from Houston to Denver, it was sweet! I think it was a 900. Then I got on a worn-out Scarebus from Denver to SFO.
by uku4u March 01, 2014
When a fart slips up the vagina and exits via the lips making a sound. Most common when in the tub or while sitting. Adjustment may help the fart from exiting.

Therefore, only females can fluff. Not JUST another name for farting.

Not a quiff (Vag fart)
Lying in a tub full of water, you fart and then the air comes up the front instead, sliding along = fluff
by jjbs February 03, 2013
Pretty much classes that you take in high school or college that are totally useless in the real world, but the professors claim that you cannot survive without knowing about worthless garbage such as how to calculate functions and matrixes. Where wil you use this to figure out how much gas to put in your car. Don't need no function. Just find a cheap gas station, which is hard to find, and fill that shit up and pay the bill. Who needs functions and polynomials.
Algebra II - who needs that shit. Bunch of fluff
by Kyle 230 May 15, 2010

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