An abbreviation for "marshmallow fluff," a gooey white substance mainly used as a sandwich spread. Can also be used in place of marshmallows for baking purposes. Often made into a contraction with peanut butter as "fluffernutter," a combination of the two sandwich spreads on bread.
Hey, pass me that jar of fluff, Karen!
by aytheist April 16, 2004
a safe alternative to the F word to be used around children, authority figures, and grandparents.
man, fluff this crap. i've completely had it....

that was so fluffed up!

i can't fluffing believe it!
by boaty26 January 13, 2010
When your a non-swearer and you need to cover up for the F word
White guy: *rapping Eminem* Will Smith don't gotta cus in his raps to sell records; well I do so fluff him and fluff you to!
Friends: Dude wtf, did you just say fluff?
by Limeage October 14, 2015
Fuff, or alternatively known as fluffy, are known to be lovable, hug enticing things, romance, or personality.
This teddy bear is so damn fluffy.

You have such a fluffy personality.

Theres fluff everywhere!
by Shance May 24, 2016
An industry term for the Boeing 737 airliner. The first 737's produced seemed proportionally too wide compared to other jets of the day, and were christened Fluffs by flight and ground crews. It stands for Fat Little Ugly Fuckers, but has become an endearing term for the most popular jetliner in the world.
I flew in a brand-new Fluff from Houston to Denver, it was sweet! I think it was a 900. Then I got on a worn-out Scarebus from Denver to SFO.
by uku4u March 01, 2014
A F.L.U.F.F. is a Fat Lady yoU Fuck Frequently
"Dude, shes is now your F.L.U.F.F."
-"What the hell"
"Your fat lady you fuck frequently"
-"Damn right"
by PimpDaddy LongNutz December 03, 2010
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