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The residue left on the screen of cell phones after use.

A contraction of face and sludge.

Y its btr 2 txt.
Ew, gross, Prima used my Razor and she didn't clean her fludge off the screen.

cellphone face dirty
by bowlweb February 27, 2009
28 8
To plug one's fudge, i.e. severe anal intercourse.
"dude those gay guys probably fludge each other every night"
by mavizzle August 28, 2009
5 3
very unknown object that you use to make people look down at and laugh at how they look down at nothing.
"you dropped your fludge" * then laugh as they look down at nothing* lol
by MIAX November 05, 2007
8 6
The thick wodge of dog hair that accumulates under the door, and has to be poked out with a ruler or a piece of cardboard called a defludger
The door was jammed with a black and white fludge; tutting, Annabelle made a defludger from a piece of cereal packet, and pushed the fludge free, before dropping it into the bin.
by Susie Kelly December 27, 2006
9 10
to fuck a girl so hard, while she is doing a complete split, and make her squirt like a volcano eruption.
Guy: yo dude i fludged the hell out of this chick last night, she squirted everywhere
Friend: thats sweet, i hope u cleaned up the mess though.
by Biggy-D/Tacosss August 20, 2009
3 8