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An overlarge or ungainly slice or hunk of something, esp. food. From the Sylvia Plath novel "The Bell Jar." Believed to be derived from "wedge," n.
Hey Momma, serve me up another wodge of your delicious pecan pie!
by Amos the Puppyfucker May 23, 2009
noun, a large armount. Like a wedge but rounder.
He showed me a big wodge of tenners.
by el foo November 01, 2006
It's short for Vagina, pronounced as if you were a horny German exchange student.
Jah, I could love to touch her on her wodgina.

You want to touch her wodge?

Jah, very much. You care for sausage and beer now?
by Almighty Tin July 22, 2004
verb. To dodge or avoid work.
I think I'll wodge that and let one of the lads do it.
by solihullslim April 15, 2004
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