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means to flicker;on and off;two faced.
"Yo im telln you son,jus yestaday she was all on my balls,Now mah ackn all tellin you son,on my mofha tha bitch is fluckery!"
by J Benefit October 23, 2007
(fluhk-uh-ree) Noun
1. Knee-jerk, insincere and/or uninvited praise, back-patting or flattery on facebook or any social media that strangers leave for other strangers that they want to ingratiate themselves to and/or bang.

Also, flucker
(fluhk-er) Verb
1. To flatter insincerely on social media in hopes of engaging the recipient; to engage in fluckery.
2. One who engages in fluckery.
There was an avalanche of fluckery for that milf's selfie.
by Baron Von Goolo April 04, 2014

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