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The remote control to the television, more used on the east coast
Hey Pass the flicker for the tv.
by The MFC May 29, 2011
Someone who 'flicks the bean'. i.e a woman who masturbates or flicks her clitoris

Often an equivalent to the word "wanker"
woman to man: "you're such a wanker"
man: "yeah well you're a flicker"
by tuvix2k May 18, 2011
A lighter, typically a bic or disposable gas/flint based lighter.
Can you pass me a flicker I am about to light this shit UP.

All the gangsters throw your triggers up, all the stoners throw your flickers up, all the drunks throw your liquor up.
by Vaporboy July 27, 2009
A person that automatically flicks on every light they pass while walking into the office, regardless of the proximity of his or her desk to the light in question.
"I prefer to work with the lights off because the ambient light is sufficient, but a flicker just walked by and turned all the lights on, despite the fact that his office is two floors up and these lights have no effect on him."

"I hate flickers!"
by LisKit August 11, 2013
A flicker is a man that suffers from LDS (little dick syndrome) to such a severe degree that he must flick the last few drops of pee off his member because it is to short to shake.
A flicker is when a man is done pissing in the urinal he has to flick the last few droplets into the urinal, because his penis is to short to shake. This creates a problem, when he flicks the droplets it never makes it into the urinal, but falls to the floor creating the famous random pool of piss.
by Flicker Hater June 29, 2011
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