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When a woman passes gas out of her anus and the air bubble goes up her vagina.
I thought I had to fart but it ended up as a flotch.

I will never wear those jeans again. I was flotching all night long.
by Elleicia March 19, 2008
to gamble and lose. a fart that's much too wet. similar to a shart, but much, much worse.
oh lord, i just flotched!
by stueyscott June 23, 2005
Fat crotch. The area of a male or female's flabby torso that connects to the crotch area to form a basketball-like appendage.
Mr. Joe's flotch hit me in face as he turned to hand me my graded paper.
by ellimist February 04, 2008
See felch
I flotched your Mom last night.
9 out of 10 dentists recommend you flotch every day.
by Josh February 11, 2003