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the act of degrading a sexual partner during doggy-style sex; by pushing downwards on the small of the back whilst reaching over the head, inserting index and middle finger into the nostrils and pulling up sharply! if done correctly, a pronounced bow will form in the back.
she's walking oddly today due to the vigorous bowbacking i gave her last night.
by stueyscott June 23, 2005
the act of inserting one or more fingers into the snatch and ass at the same time.
chicks dig it when a fingerbang becomes a shockwave.
by stueyscott June 23, 2005
uncircumsized, the foreskin can be used as a protective barrier during a buggering session
no condom needed here, i already have a mud flap!
by stueyscott June 23, 2005
acne of the glutious.
butt pimples.
i flipped the bitch over and found a patch of bumples.
by stueyscott June 23, 2005
to gamble and lose. a fart that's much too wet. similar to a shart, but much, much worse.
oh lord, i just flotched!
by stueyscott June 23, 2005
during the act of intercourse from the rear, the man fakes an orgasm by spitting on her back, and then letting her have it in the face once she turns around.
i gave that whore the bait and switch when i blew my muck in her grill!
by stueyscott June 23, 2005
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