A horrible assault on a man's genitals, wherein the assailant loosens up his arm and, using it like a whip, smacks the victim's junk with the tip of the back of his hand (preferably the tip of the middle finger).
Dude, did you see that floppy? He floppied him so hard, the poor guy threw up!
by WinBerg January 23, 2006
A person who tapes his left mouse button down, then attempts to win at Quake3 by throwing his mouse around the room while his character is using rocket launcher.
WhiteHawK almost dodged FloppY's rocket
by antifloppy February 06, 2003
Short for "Floppy Cock". Generally accompanied with a flailing right arm the term is used to describe idiot gay people who do stupid stuff.
Obama Nation but also Robbie Gustafson because he switched sides is a giant floppy.
by Dr. Word February 05, 2007
A hippy, often seen in drum circles, barefoot, wearing stupid floppy hats and floppy pants they made themselves
Dood, Phish is in town, its gonna Attack of the Floppies!
by Clizza April 07, 2003
Idiot that jumps around a lot and tries to shoot people in the back

WhiteHawK almost dodged FloppY's rocket
by The FlopperMaster February 06, 2003
1. a stupid disky thing
2. something that is not stiff (heehee)
3. your penis
1. man: this disk won't go in!
woman: It doesn't go there jackass

2. my balls are too floppy. Viagra, please!

3. eeeeeewwwwwww, what's with your penis??
by wakalakalover45 April 09, 2005
6'7" white boy who forgets everything, does nothing, cleans nothing and has a strange sexual attraction to indian and asian girls and also blue tailored shirts.
"oh no, theres floppy with marissa numnums in that damn tailored shirt again" the boys said.. floppy cock fag fucker.... :)
by burt kammersson August 23, 2003

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