lod lady titties
yo granny got floppies
by swiller May 05, 2004
1. mostly found in new jersey, this type of male is generally malnourished, over 6'0 tall with a slight suggestion of muscle tone. also comes with a comically large cock thanks to the pharm-laced new jersey water system. usually unemployed. always great in bed.
got fucked by a floppy last night. i love life.
by fourcarats December 06, 2010
Floppy : extremely derogitive term derived from south african 70's slang Meaning/reffering to a dead black mans body used by white police to describe doa (dead on arrival) and on the streets pre-tense as a threat towards a black south african.
"that n***a is flirting with my girl i'ma make him a floppy"
by nut- April 30, 2007
n. An unusually long, hanging clitoris.
"Does that stripper have a really tiny dick?"
"No, man, that's just a floppy"
by dlm454 March 06, 2007
The action of making your package "flop" up and down making a slapping or clapping noise.
Bill just flopped his balls.
by JDrodriguez17 February 20, 2004
a women with big fat tits
sally was on a trampoline her tits were oh so floppy
by rs March 28, 2004
Sleeping around regardless if they are married,what diseases they may have, and military consequences...
Any young airman that flops from girl to girl is called a floppy
by A Mountain Home local April 09, 2007

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