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A word used to substitute the expletive "fuck". It can be used in place of it in any situation.
"flooge that shit"
by RosyJewlz311 November 10, 2009
When someone farts and ejaculates (splooges) at the same time.
Person 1: Have you ever farted and come at the same time?
Person 2: Dude, did you flooge?
Person 1: Totally. I flooged so hard.
by Fish tank June 25, 2014
To act swiftly, almost like a ninja; Stealth
He was more Flooged than the singer of Def Leppard.
by Me Smith November 17, 2007
when a female orgasms as done by the finger during fingerbation
she flooged all over the place
by llmmjtto November 26, 2003
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