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A word used to substitute the expletive "fuck". It can be used in place of it in any situation.
"flooge that shit"
by RosyJewlz311 November 10, 2009
4 1
When someone farts and ejaculates (splooges) at the same time.
Person 1: Have you ever farted and come at the same time?
Person 2: Dude, did you flooge?
Person 1: Totally. I flooged so hard.
by Fish tank June 25, 2014
1 0
To act swiftly, almost like a ninja; Stealth
He was more Flooged than the singer of Def Leppard.
by Me Smith November 17, 2007
2 4
when a female orgasms as done by the finger during fingerbation
she flooged all over the place
by llmmjtto November 26, 2003
9 13