short for "foto-log" or "fotolog". if a blog it's a place when you express yourself through words, a flog it's a place where you express yourself through images (with a caption). one of its features it's that people can sign you below the aforementioned caption, turning the flogs in a sort of instant forum. very popular in south america, oftenly used by so-called goths, cam whores, and other minorities. some floggers use their flog as a shrine to their ego.

the most obvious purpose of the flogs is to put up photos, but the majority of people who use flogs (which it's different from floggers) don't even own a digital camera or a scanner. the major source of the images uploaded it's google+paintbrush or print screen+paintbrush
1. shit, i bite my tongue. i'm gonna take a picture of it and upload it to my flog it later.

2. funny. the movie i'm downloading got stuck at 666666. i'll take a snapshot and upload it.

3. i'm googling for ****** pics, so i can make a collage with them and upload it.
by il Gatto Punx October 02, 2005
Top Definition
A brilliant multi-purpose word:

1. (verb) to sell something. Generally the price is low or the goods are dodgy.
2. (verb) to lose a sporting match, usually football, by a huge margin
3. (verb) to masturbate. Sometimes extended to "flog the dog" or "flog the log".
4. (verb) to steal something
5. (verb) to assault somebody
6. (noun) a poser, someone who likes to big-note themselves. Relates back to (3).
1. I flogged my piece of shit car to some uni student.
2. We got flogged by 15 goals today.
3. I caught my little brother having a flog today.
4. Some arsehole's flogged my ciggies!
5. I took this smart-arse out the back of the pub and gave him a flogging.
6. Look at that wanker in the Porsche talking on his car phone. What a flog.
by Choda Boy 57 August 12, 2006
Punishment by caning, or by whipping with the cat o' nine tails. Commonly used by pirates.
Avast! Handsomely now, hand over th' swag, lest ye yearn for a flogging.
by Jessi September 29, 2004
Someone who is disliked by a person or the public because they lack any credibility or/and tries to be remain relevant within certain circles but comes across as a moron.
That four eyed purple headed warrior of a journalist is the biggest flog associated with the AFL.
by HirdyLannister September 25, 2013
Golf - spelled backwards
As the duffers finish their round of golf: "That was a fine day of flog"
by Dan Stearns June 02, 2005
A sex act. When one's sex partner is victim to intense humping. Usually the flogger is humping really hard and fast. Easily occurs during sex when body is lathered with oil.
by asfd777 July 07, 2013
To attack or bash somebody.
To shoplift or steal.
To masturbate.
To be very very high.
"Did you see me flog Jonno last night?"
"I flogged this beanie yesterday."
"See you in 10 minutes, I'm going to have a flog."
"I am soooo flogged!"
by Diego June 29, 2003
the act of smacking your significant other in the head with your penis.
The whore liked being flogged as she came.
by harry January 21, 2003

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