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An ultra catchy sing along pop punk rock and roll band taking the long island scene by storm
Floffus is delicious
by FloF - Us December 20, 2002

Words related to floffus

1) The debris that collects around ones anus, especially after long periods of poor hygiene. 2) A subtarded individual.
after not bathing or wiping his ass for several weeks the fat sweaty guy reeked of ripe dingle-berries and floffus.
by Jolly Roger March 13, 2004
a horrible pop punk band that wishes they were new found glory
Floffus really sucked ass threw a crazy straw yesterday
by ^_^ November 05, 2002
Uhh, hardly. Douche bag they are no where near the best pop-punk band ever.
fuck floffus in their talentless assholes.
ok my definition of floffus is totally different.. i didnt even know it was a band. i just made it up not knowing that it was already made up.. lol

anyways.. a floffus is a small group of stupid, strange, or scary people. :D
the backstreet boys are a floffus.. cause theyre a small group of stupid, strange, and a bit scary people.
by kate January 30, 2004
great band
pft, eric chill out most people know your in floffus, and i dont think yall sound like NFG at all cuz NFG in my terms suck.
by Staci December 27, 2003
a really talented punk rock band that will eventually be famous
by Kelly January 03, 2003