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A character from the 1994 role playing game Final Fantasy VI who is famous for being a dick.
Celes: You keep your dead girlfriend in some old dude's basement? Gross.
Locke: I'll protect you!
Terra: I thought you said you would protect me, asshole.
by pocketseizure November 09, 2012
The world's greatest treasure hunter. But don't call him a thief, or else...
<Victim> Thief!
<Locke> *rips Victim's lungs out!*
by LockeCole March 28, 2003
(John Locke) a famous political philospher who wrote Two Treatises of Government. He was the pioneer of the social contract theory. Also the alias of Peter Wiggin in Enders Game.
by The Omnipotent Seal March 28, 2003
John Locke is not the bald dude from Lost. John Locke is an English Philosopher who even influenced the American Declaration of Independence.

"omg john locke is so awesome"
"oh yeah, I read his book."
"omfg they have Lost books?"
"You lost your book?"
"What book?"
by g f b February 27, 2008
The greatness; Almighty; Number one; Alpha and Omega.
Oh shit, Locke just shunned me from #central.
by Anonymous January 19, 2004
A piece of shit that is painful and holding back true calamity that needs to be released.
Man i have a locke that just aint going away, tis painful.
by cesar romero August 01, 2009
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