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The superhero catchphrase of Dana and Mia, used in times of both trouble and victory.
"Limmmmmm hot damn!!!!"
by simply_stylin April 12, 2005
To speak in Franglish, i.e. to integrate French words into English phrases
Dana: Chem today was pas très amusante as usual.
Mia: Dana, you were totally franglating!
by simply_stylin April 12, 2005
The weird, gurgling sound in your stomach produced after drinking 3 bottles of water before 5th period.
"Damn it, I have the floaties again. Do you think beautiful heard that?"
by simply_stylin April 12, 2005
Knockoff of Emilio Pucci, the Italian designer big in the sixties for his colorful, psychadelic prints. Fuccis are fake, and commonly not anywhere near as groovy as the real thing.
Mia: Hey Dana, do you like my new shoes?
Dana: Yeah, they're pretty cute, even though they're Fucci.
by simply_stylin April 12, 2005
1. Commonly misspelled, but far more interesting way of saying 'hehe'

2. The grooviest fish in the tank; may have an eating disorder and a couple other psychological problems
1. Mia: limm
Dana: jeje

2. "Jeje, stop slamming into the walls of the tank again!"
by simply_stylin April 12, 2005

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