v. to go fast
esp. as in cars
If I had a Camaro SS, I could float everywhere.
by Cosmic Truckaz October 17, 2003
Top Definition
Used instead of walk. Especially popular in Central and Eastern North Carolina.
Let's float over there and see what's cooking.
by RaleighMan March 31, 2010
A term used in reference to letting someone borrow money from you. See also front and spot.
1. I'll float you the money on that fifth 'till your payday man.

2. Yo dawg, float me some money so I can take shanaynay out on a date and get some tang!
by theSOTC March 14, 2005
V. The act of simply placing the penis into the vagina with no actual thrusts involved. Often thought to be a substitute for actual intercourse.
Ephraim convinced his girlfriend to float for a little while ensuring her there would be no smite from God.
by diabloblanco May 03, 2005
To feel the sensation of floating upon consuming an excess of alcohol.
He drank too much port and quickly began to float.
by mouseyone November 10, 2009
In poker:

to call a bet in position with a weak hand with the intention of taking the pot away from the opponent on a later betting round.
I floated him on the flop then, when he checked the turn, I jammed and he stacked
by Atavachron July 28, 2010
the term float first originated as a misspelling of fleet, in an Age of Conquerors game, however it very quickly caught on.

since then it became the way to express whether a water had good fish (good float) or bad fish (bad float), whether someone was not going water at all (p3 no float). on land maps it is used in place of 'win' and 'do well' and just as a general good luck slogan.
BuzZ_TheViper: p1 where u
BuzZ_sletten: i die..
BuzZ_TheViper: man p1
BuzZ_TheViper: u sux
_Ares_: p1 no float...
by p1nofloat April 04, 2011
Someone who likes to be pleasured with whipped cream.
Stacey's a float. Last night we went through seven bottled of whipped cream, it was hot.
by gruetzmacher October 23, 2009
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