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Same as Filipino.
Look at them flizzles hanging out them nizzles.
by Jo-T November 16, 2003
Someone is quite jealous of Nick,Mark,Brice, and Pyrs!!!!!
Stupid Flizzle on the hizzle Nizzle!!!!Shaaaaaaazaaaaaaaam!!!!!
by Anonymous April 21, 2003
sexual ejaculatory juices, either male or female when sexually aroused;i.e. cum, or being "wet"
As the erotically-charged man's strong, firm hand brushed through her thick, silky hair, he then grasped the woman's milky-white breast and her erect nipple , she moaned in agonizing pleasure and flizzle began flowing slowly and erotically for both lovers.
by bunny & sasha January 04, 2003
Mark and Nick and Brice and Pyrs want to fuck each other in the ass with flizzle squirting everywhere
by Anonymous March 15, 2003
come, semen
dude, after i penetrated his anal cavity, my flizzle squirted in his ass.
by dicko February 17, 2003
cum semen sperm
As i approached his flaming hard dick and started to voraciously suck at it while massaging my tongue around his head, the flizzle spouted out in my mouth, all the while enjoying every bit of it!
by lovebunny January 25, 2003
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