A Penis which is the same shape as a pencil i.e very thin
Woogie has a flist
by Danny June 19, 2003
Top Definition
A nickname or slang term used to talk about ones LiveJournal.com "friends list"
Dude, I have to check my flist.
by Emily September 05, 2004
Verb. Used to describe the action of adding someone to a friends list on LJ. Also used as a noun when referring the the friends list itself.
User 1: Will you add me?
User 2: Sure, I flisted you.


User 1: Add me to your flist?
by Girl w/ Camera August 14, 2005
an imaginary list of names of people that are desirable enough to have sexual intercourse with
That Kirsti Ally ate her way off of the F-list. But lately shes lost weight, and if she looses 50 more pounds she will be back on it.
by pyroclastic flow February 05, 2009
The braided pubes dangling from the bottom of a man's scrotum; usually hanging out of shorts, varying in length.
Dude, you're flist is hanging out of your shorts. You better tuck it back in.
by bsu1217 November 12, 2011
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