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When you "accidentally" start to penetrate her brown hole, and she goes "eh-eh, eh-eh" (sounding just like Flipper, the dolphin).
Dude, she was wasted and I thought she would like to try anal, but as soon as I went for it, she did the flipper.
by Jurisdawg March 08, 2013
1. A psuedonym for a chick so hot that she causes you to have an erection; ie, causes your dick to be "dublin."

2. A pick-up line. (See below)

3. Opposite of "nubblin," which is a chick so ugly that she causes shrinkage, or makes your junk turtle.
At the bar: "Hey baby, you must be from Ireland, 'cause you're so fine, I'm dublin."
by Jurisdawg March 08, 2013

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