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A television show that features 5 middle aged women that are constantly clashing with one another. 4 of the 5 cast mates are related while the 1 was a stripper and ex-convict.

Teresa Giudice - Really dimwitted Italian woman
Jacqueline Laurita - Only normal woman on the show.
Caroline Manzo - Takes her family values to the extreme.
Dina Manzo - Carolines sister in law, two face.
Danielle Staub - The whole show's front story.
Typical dialog in a "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" episode

Teresa: Dina, did you hear about Danielle being a prostitution whore in the 80's?

Dina: Yes, and I have read the book and will deny it in future episodes.
by boxxybaybee June 15, 2010
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